August - Saturn transiting square to the natal Midheaven

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   These are some of the transits, progressions, solar arcs, and solar return indicators that pointed to the death of Jane's husband. I have included several months so the reader can see the intensity building as the months go by. Computer software was used to generate a listing of progressions, transits, and solar arcs, and their dates. The subscript "A" indicates a solar arc progression, the subscript "N" indicates natal, the subscript "T" indicates a transit, the subscript "SRP" indicates the progressed solar return Moon, and the subscript "SR" indicates a solar return aspect.
  July - Saturn by solar are progression is now conjunct the natal 6th house cusp and indicates the continuing illness. Transiting Uranus square the Midheaven shows a continuing disruption of the household routine.
    August - Saturn transiting square to the natal Midheaven can show some hardship at home. We can suspect that this is a tough time for Jane and her family. The node transiting square to natal Neptune shows a measure of uncertainty. It was at this time that Jane's husband was taken off all chemotherapy and he was left to the unknown or the inevitable.
   September - This is not an especially difficult time, but we can see that the aspects are beginning to build. The Ascendent progressed to square the natal Sun. The Ascendent has to do with relationships and the Sun can indicate a male figure. With the progressed Midheaven trine to natal Saturn, plans are being made. Papers have to be in order. The solar return progressed Moon is at 21 Capricorn sextiling the solar return Pluto in the 4th house and making a trine to natal Uranus in the natal 4th house. Changes are likely.
November - From these three aspects we can see that there is about to be a profound change in the home. Pluto will oppose Uranus in the natal 4th house. Progressed Mars will trine this Uranus position. Uranus by transit will sextile the Midheaven and the 4th house cusp.
  During November, the solar return progressed Moon is at 23 Cap. It is conjunct the natal Ascendent. Pluto by transit is leaving the solar return 4th house, crossing into the solar return 5th house, thereby indicating a lightening of the domestic turmoil. It was at this time that Jane's husband died, shortly after Thanksgiving and a family gathering. The transiting continues to show in December. December - Transiting Pluto sextiles the Ascendent by transit showing a powerful transition. It is time to move ahead with the progressed Moon square Mars in the 10th house natally. The Moon begins to progress in Pisces, a sign that can be indicative of sadness. And Saturn by transit squares the Midheaven showing the hardship of the loss on the family.
  One timing technique we have not talked about is what I call reverse solar return timing. Below in the 1993 solar return, the Moon position can be timed backwards for two or three months before the native's birthday. For example, the solar return Moon position is 18 Taurus 44 in this January 4, 1993 solar return chart. December 4, 1992, the 1993 solar return Moon would be approximately 17 Taurus 44. November 3, 1992, the month Jane's husband died, the 1993 solar return reverse progressed Moon position would be 16 Taurus 44. At the time of her husband's death, the progressed solar return Moon was trining the solar return Uranus in the 4th house.
  You can also do reverse timing with the transits over a house cusp. Saturn is in the 5 th house of the solar return. But it transited out of the 4th house and into the 5th house in November of 1992, the time that Jane's husband died. While in the 4th house it indicated extra responsibility in the home. This responsibility might be alleviated once Saturn crossed into the solar return 5th house.
Notice Jupiter in the 1st house of the 1993 solar return. Jupiter transited across the solar return Ascendent also during November 1992 showing a release. In many ways the death was a blessing. Here is a concise listing of the reverse timing noted above. Reverse time tends to hold true only for the first two or three months before the actual date of the Sun's return.

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